Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Why would I want a cartoon?
Use your cartoon files as clip-art to create unique name cards or personalize your labels, stickers, and stationary, or for unique cartoon e-card greetings. You can also use your cartoon as a profile picture or an avatar with Whatsapp, Skype, facebook or a wallpaper for your tablet or mobile phone.

(2) what is cartoon me?
Cartoon me is a service provided by, it Simply order, send any picture you like and we'll draw the cartoon and send it out to you.

(3) Are all cartoons hand drawn?
yes, all the cartoons are drawn by a hand of professional artist using digital pad.

(4) Can I get my cartoon in vector format?
Yes, you can get your cartoon in ai, cdr, eps or any other format you prefer.

(5) What kind of photo can I send?
A clear, close-up shot of the face is preferable. The better quality the photo, the easier it is for us to obtain a good likeness. Digital photos of at least 2 mega pixel with all major file formats (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PICT, TIFF) are accepted.

(6) what is the percentage of getting a cartoon looks exactly like my original photo?
100%, you will get your final artwork looks exactly like you.

(7) Can I ask you to draw something that is not listed in the site?
Sure! We can draw anything you want. Just describe your request on the order form.

(8) How do I pay for my cartoon?
After completing the online Order Form, simply click the 'Pay Now' button. Our PayPal payment gateway is safe and secure.

(9) How long should I wait before receiving my final artwork?
Maximum 48 hrs and you may receive it before that.

How do I look in cartoon?

(1) To see how you would look in cartoon, use the form below to order.
(2) In 48 hours you will receive your cartoon perfectly hand drawn by a talented artist.
* Prices start from U$ 39.00

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