Beautiful Cartoon Characters

You definitely remember your favorite childhood cartoon character.
Here are out top ten list of beautiful cartoon characters:

jessica rabbit
Jessica Rabbit
* First Prize Eyes
Jessica Rabbit is the epitome of cartoon glamour.
We were impressed by her flawless cut-crease and
blending techniques even as little kids! An arched
brow, lustrous lips, and shimmering skin complete this scarlet siren’s iconic look.

daisy duck
Daisy Duck
* Distinction in Lashes
This Disney cartoon clearly has her beauty priorities set.
The focus? Bat-me, love-me lashes! Okay, she might be sneaking on some falsies or
extensions, but we’re still jealous of her fluttery length nonetheless.

* Greatest Special cartoon Effects
We loved watching this ’80s glam-rock singer perform with her band, The Holograms.
The fearless songstress rocked pink in all shapes, textures, and shades and was never
afraid to experiment with eye-catching design.

snow white
Snow White
*Red Lip Recipient
With her porcelain complexion and raven locks, Snow White has
the perfect canvas for ruby-red lips. Her classic look is accented with an adorable
crimson ribbon and complementary songbirds, of course.

judy jetson
Judy Jetson
*Honorary Hairstyling
The ultimate cosmic teen, Judy Jetson is everything we love about
quirky, retro-modern cartoons. This techno trendsetter makes everything from a
simple black bow to a futuristic hair contraption look ultra-cool.

wonder woman
Wonder Woman
*Platinum Contouring Award
It’s no wonder we love the woman who made bone structure hot!
Wonder Woman’s strong facial features and powerful gaze enhance her kick-ass
capabilities—we’d never mess with those chiseled cheekbones of steel.

7 rogue
*Locks of Laurels
While her signature white/gray streaks came from a genetic mutation,
we can’t deny that it gives X-Men superhero Rogue a cool edge! Her statement
two-tone locks are shiny and sleek.

*Minimalist Medalist
We’re in love with the natural beauty of Disney’s most minimal princess.
Like the blossom trees of her native China, Mulan’s skin radiates pure petal

*Best in Brows
Well-groomed brows are always in style, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s
Esmeralda perfectly captures audiences with her mesmerizing viridescent eyes
and perfectly sculpted arches. Move over, Joan Crawford, we’ve got a new brow heroine in town!

*Eye Liner Accolade
How could we forget our dearest feline femme fatale?
Catwoman is the original sexy comic-book icon. With her tight leather bodysuit and her
finely flicked eye liner, she helped conceive the modern notion of the cat’s eye.

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